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Meng’s Martial Arts of Katy | Shaolin Wing Chun
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Kid Kung Fu

Our Kids Kung Fu programs are by far one of the best children’s activities in the area, it’s fun, yet educational. The Kids Kung Fu program will give children the confidence and social skills they need to enter elementary school. At Meng’s we develop confidence in our students so when it’s time to go to school they walk in with their head up, and raise their hand and look the teacher in the eye.  They will also learn about basic goal setting, positive thinking, the importance of exercise and working and sharing with others. They will also learn to be leaders by leading the group in exercises and demonstrating they’re forms and martial arts techniques in front of their peers. Our goal is to develop Black Belts and Black Belt Excellence inside and outside the classroom. The Kids Kung Fu program is guaranteed to give your child the following:

  • More Confidence

  • More Self Control

  • More Balance

  • More Coordination

  • More Focus

  • Teamwork

  • Kid Escape Anti-Abduction Awareness (approved and taught at Katy ISD)

  • Learn to work well with others and take turns

  • Learn about positive and negative consequences

  • All while Having a ton of FUN!!


Youth Kung Fu

The Youth Kung Fu program will give your child the confidence to say yes to the good things and say no to the bad things. They will develop a strong identity on who they are so they don’t get influenced going into their teen years with bad behavior. Our dynamic Meng’s instructors build confidence in our students and prepare them for life. On the mat, students will be inspired and encouraged, and instructors will build good core values that will stay will them and help them with future success. Self-defense wise, they will learn practical movements and all ranges of self-defense.

As students progress through the Meng’s ranking system, they are required to bring in their report card and the Meng’s staff constantly gets feedback from parents on the behavior at home.  This ensures that they are motivated in regular school, martial arts school as well at home. If you are looking for your child to increase confidence, focus, self discipline, or any other of the Black Belt Principles taught at Meng’s, then call today and let the transformation and journey begin.
Youth Kung Fu Programs instill the following:

  • Focus and Concentration
  • Work Ethic

  • Leadership Skills

  • Accountability
  • Black Belt Excellence Attitude


Adult Wing Chun Kung Fu

Our Adult Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu Kung Fu classes are a good balance of tradition and modern day training. We have full body workouts that will help you get in shape using the best in body weight exercises. We have a very well thought out curriculum (Approved by the Ving Tsun / Wing Chun Museum) that teaches you Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu, with proven concepts and teaching methods, both traditional and modern day. Classroom training is energetic, fast-paced, and we train extremely effective techniques. These classes are ideal for individuals that want reality-based training and fitness for their entire family, yet want a traditional system that also teaches concepts, philosophy, history, culture, and etiquettes of Kung Fu Life. Don’t let that fool you, we also put on sparring gear and “Test” it as well. This is NOT your “Forms” only Kung Fu school. If you want a complete system that is based on keeping you and your loved ones safe in dangerous situations — that is what we empower people with every day.

Different Programs within the Wing Chun Classes

  • Basic Wing Chun Kung Fu

  • Leadership Team

  • Black Sash Team

  • Instructors Program


Women’s Self Defense Seminars

The Women Self Defense seminars are a way for women to plug into bi-monthly seminars without the commitment of on weekly class. Offering 3-hour seminars or corporate events.  It specifically deals with how and where women are commonly attacked. Women are taught how to safely, effectively and efficiency fight off attackers. We give you confidence building exercises and have you develop the ability to give yourself permission to Fight Back”. In the course, you will learn the most common threats and how to deal with them, physical, mentally and emotionally so you don’t freeze, you act in the moment of the reality in front of you.

Some examples include:  Chokes, bear hugs, headlocks, pick up and carry, hair pulls, attacker on top, weapons and more. Some information covered in the course:

  • Learn 4 stages of a threat
  • Identify what stage you’re in and what you should do
  • Learn general awareness on how to decrease your chances of being a victim
  • Learn verbal commands that will help you get rid of the attacker and also increase your chances of helping other people.
  • Learn basic yet effective self-defense moves covering the most common attacks that will help you fight off the attacker. (Standing and Ground attacks and defenses)

Birthday Parties

Birthday Activities include either Martial Arts with a Self Defense Workshop or Star Wars with a Light Saber Workshop.


  • Additional 30 minutes – $50.00

  • Additional Guests  – $10.00 per Child
  • Kung Fu Panda Appearance – $50.00
  • Complete Cake Cutter Kit – $60 – Includes 1 Kung Fu Sword for Birthday boy/girl to keep after cake cutting! Makes the best souvenir to remember the best birthday party ever!

  • Spellbinding Martial Arts Lesson – Fun, Games, and Challenges
  • 90 minutes party for up to 20 children with 2 Instructors leading the fun! – A thrilling cake cutting ceremony using real Kung Fu sword to cut the cake!
  • V.I.P. Guest Pass good for 1 week FREE Kung Fu Lessons @ Meng’s Martial Arts of Katy for all birthday party guest!
  • Complete Table Kit
    • Includes cups, plates, napkins, forks, and tablecloth  for birthday child
      Theme chosen by Birthday Boy/Girl ( Ninja Turtle, Batman, Princess, etc)
      Pizza and drinks up to 20 People
  • Complete Decoration Kit: Includes ceiling streamers, tabletop decorations, table centerpieces, balloons for every child, photo wall, and balloon bouquet for the birthday child!

All Above PLUS:

  • Complete Bounce House Kit – Includes 1 large combination bounce house – Setup indoors so weather is no issue!

Achieve Harmony of Body, Mind & Spirit

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training