“We have been with Meng’s for over 3 years. During that time I have seen my son’s confidence soar. This is an environment that cultivates leadership skills and encourages hard work. My son went through Kid Kung Fu and is now in Youth where he’s one of the youngest in the class. At first, he was intimidated by being the youngest and smallest but the instructors really help to motivate and encourage him, highlighting his unique skills to keep his confidence up. Sifu Ryan and Sihing Jonathan are very hands-on with the students…they check in on their behavior at home and their grades at school and step in to offer support when necessary.

I, myself, attended the women’s self-defense seminar and was amazed by how much I got out of it! It was worth every penny and more. The instructors did an amazing job providing us with opportunities to give hands-on practice. I feel much more equipped with tools to protect myself if I ever need to.

Our time with Mengs has been very positive. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. All of the instructors have hearts of gold and are always trying to improve. It’s a very family oriented feel and we love our Kung Fu community!
– Kelley Garvey Katy, TX

“Having private lessons with Sifu Brad Ryan is a great experience for me in learning martial arts. With deep knowledge and skills in different Wing Chun lineages as well as in Shaolin Kungfu, Sifu Ryan teaches me not only details of the moves but also how to use them in different real-life situations. I am the type of student who often asks (too) many questions, he always listens, explains, and demonstrates the solutions. Moreover, he has always patiently shown me where my problems are, how I can fix and/or improve my techniques, and more importantly, how I should apply the Wing Chun concepts into practice, instead of just chasing the techniques. In other words, he is helping me the find the moon, not the finger. Sifu Ryan, of course, spends a lot of efforts to do the same above-mentioned things in normal non-private classes, but the private lessons definitely give him more time and concentration on just one or a group of much smaller number of students.”
– Vu Pham Katy, TX

“My son is in the youth program and absolutely loves it. I just attended the women’s self-defense class they held and it was awesome! Sifu Ryan, Johnathan, and the other members were so wonderful, I really learned a lot and can’t wait for the next one! Truly love this establishment, the people and what all the stand for!! Thank you for being so awesome!!”
– Stephanie Holchak Katy, TX

“I am a new student, just started attending about a month ago and I am definitely grateful to have found them and joined. Sifu Ryan and staff do a great job making sure everyone is included in the hard work both physically and mentally. I genuinely recommend this place to anyone and everyone.Come and try, you’ll love it. I know I do.”
– Debbie De La Garza Katy, TX

“We decided to try martial arts for my daughter to teach her self-defense and some discipline.  Meng’s has far exceeded our expectations. My my daughter is more respectful more confident and more self-disciplined. Instructors are helpful and understanding. At Meng’s it is an atmosphere that’s not only family friendly but also makes you feel like part of the family.”
– Bethany Rife Tomball, TX

“My son has joined this school for more than a year and we really enjoy it. The Sifu and the other instructors make you feel like you are a member of their big family. Great experience within a great environment!!!”
– Radhouan El Omrani Katy, TX

“I can honestly say I have enjoyed every class since joining Meng’s Martial Arts. I have not only learned so much about the art of Wing Chun, but also the history of it as well. I also like how they recognize other forms of martial arts and at times incorporate them into the class. Whether or not you come from a martial arts background, I would recommend joining Meng’s Martial Arts to anyone.”
– Alex Luera Katy, TX

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