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Teen Finds Focus in Martial Arts Katy, TX

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Teen Finds Focus in Martial Arts Katy, TX



 Teen Finds Focus in Martial Arts 

Katy, TX

teen in martial arts katy tx

CJ’s Dad, CJ and Master Brad Ryan.

 School can be a challenging environment for some students. A local Katy teen finds focus in martial arts. Kids have to succeed academically, while learning plenty of life lessons, juggling extracurricular activities, and dealing with new challenges they’ve never faced before. Martial arts schools can teach many of the skills required to succeed in school. Even though getting great grades is extremely important to us, we’re not solely looking at academic performance, but also conflict avoidance, working well with others, goal setting, learning perseverance, respecting others and oneself are some of the many essential traits acquired from martial arts training.

Here at Meng’s Martial Arts of Katy we are proud to celebrate the success of our student Christopher Hellton Jr.  A teen that found focus in martial arts. When this young man first started attending martial arts classes with us he was on the wrong path and lacked focus and a good direction. Thru intensive training and the dedication of our staff, Chris was able to start a new and find success in his academics as well as extra-curricular activities.  It has been a great honor to help him become a more productive, focused and responsible young man and we are hopeful that he will stay the course towards his now bright future! Here is a brief interview with Chris’s Father, Chris Helton, SR.

When did you enroll your son at Meng’s Martial Arts of Katy?

 I enrolled my son (CJ)  in April or May 2015.

Why did you enroll your son in the Katy, TX  branch location?

 I wanted my son to learn how to defend himself, develop his body and mind, also to be confident in himself.  Mengs Martial Arts has classes and curriculum that does this. Plus I like Meng’s system and teaching methods of martial arts.

teen finds focus in martial arts

Chris at Meng’s Martial Arts

How is Training under Master Brad Ryan and his staff at Meng’s Martial Arts of Katy?

Training under Master Brad Ryan has made a big impact on my son. He has learned how to be more focused. He has learned a lot about respect for others and himself. He has truly grown up a lot in two years studying with Master Ryan.

What has been some of his experiences in helping him grow at Meng’s studying martial arts?

I would have to say my son meeting and making new friends is one of the experience’s. Another experience would be the weekend sparring sessions.  It is exciting to see him use the skills and techniques he’s learned.

How and what changes have you seen in in your child since training in Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu?

CJ has definitely matured a lot over the past 2.5 years and is steady improving. I am truly proud of his progress.

Would you recommend other parents that want more focus for their child try Meng’s Martial Arts of Katy?

I would definitely recommend Meng’s Martial Arts to any parents looking for a great martial arts school. Master Brad Ryan and staff go out of their way to teach, mentor and provide quality support both mentally and physically.