What to expect my first class?

You will be greeted by a friendly staff member when upon entering the school. Before the class you will spend a few minutes with an Instructor going over proper etiquette and structure of the class. ( How to bow, “yes sir”, “yes ma’am”)
After the bow in, the class will have a warm-up period for approximately 7-10 minutes, then a full body stretch. Then bow out for drink and bathroom break. Then there will be a technical lesson for approximately 25 minutes. We end class with either a “mat chat” where we discuss life skills such as respect, discipline, focus, hard work, confidence and proper mind set. Some days we will end with a FUN interactive game.

  • Start Times: Please arrive 15 minutes early and prepare for class.  Sit quietly before class, do not distract current class.
  • No Shoes on training Floor
  • Bow getting on and off the mats
  • Do not lean on bags or equipment
  • Do not touch mirrors
  • No chewing gum or jewelry
  • Keep uniform clean and washed
  • Courtesy and Respect must be shown to Sifu, Instructors and fellow students at all times.
  • There is no talking when an Instructor is talking.
  • All students should say yes sir / ma’am and no sir / ma’am.


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