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A Daughters Journey in Martial Arts

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A Daughters Journey in Martial Arts

A Daughters Journey in Martial Arts

An interview with Jennifer Lowry about her Daughter’s Tiffany’s  journey.

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Tiffany at 4 years old

When did you join Meng’s Martial Arts?

Summer 2010



Why did you join Martial Arts?

We were looking for a place what was not only welcoming, but had a solid philosophy on how to teach young children. Master Ryan is dedicated to teaching not only the technique, but the deeper meaning behind Martial Arts. As a young child one of the main focuses for Tiffany was “Self- Control” When the mind controls your body and your emotions. This was a mantra that Master Ryan used a lot with my daughter and we took it home with us too, and used it with extreme success in helping Tiffany bring herself back under control when she had her less than desirable moments.

How has training at Meng’s under Master Brad Ryan Influenced Tiffany?

She is an outstanding student, an exceptional leader, humble, respectful and a wonderful young lady. Without Meng’s and Master Ryan’s influence she would not be the exceptional youth that she is. Even if she doesn’t succeed the first time she tries something, she continues to persevere until she does.

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Tiffany as 2nd Degree Black Belt

What have been some of her experiences at Meng’s?

Tiffany started as a “Tiny Tiger”, during this time she got her first experience with competitions. Soon after first starting sparring, a Martial Arts competition was announced for 6 weeks away. She worked very hard to get her skills up to spar before that competition and even when she was the only youth left in the studio, she would be given drills and expectations from her Sifu, and would work until she had it down pat. She earned a Silver metal at that first competition

and Gold the following year. Also she has been on the Demo Team that has gone into schools and other events where she got to display her skills. She has tested for 3 separate black belts, she was the first Tiny Tiger Black Belt in the school at age 7, and then she earned her Youth Black Belt at age 10 and Finally her 2 nd Degree Black Belt at age 11.

She is not done yet though; she is currently working in the adult class getting the knowledge and skill to continue her Martial Arts journey. She has also had a lot of fun with some of the extra-curricular activities like Parents Night Out, Holiday Parties, Summer Camps and Weekend Seminars.

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The Lowery Family from Cinco Ranch

Would you recommend other parents to enroll their child into Meng’s Martial Arts?

In a word, YES! Meng’s is the whole package, physical training and mental learning and inspiration. You become one of a large family with everyone dedicated to making sure that your child can succeed. Not only does Master Ryan

teach and educate, as you raise in the ranks your child will learn how to lead and help to teach those coming up behind them. The best way to know you understand it, is to teach it! As a parent who has watched her child flourish at Meng’s I couldn’t be more proud of the young lady she is continuing become every day. Meng’s has been a large part of forming

and educating the daughter I am extremely proud to have.