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August 2018

Master Brad Ryan Receives Statue from Museum


Local Katy Resident Master Brad Ryan Receives a statue at Museum. Master Brad Ryan with GM Benny Meng at the Ving Tsun Museums founder and curator in Dayton, Ohio.  On July 26th, Master Brad Ryan, the owner and head instructor, of Meng’s Martial Arts of Katy, was inducted into the Ving Tsun’s [...]

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June 2018

Meng’s Martial Arts Katy, TX – Memorial Day


Meng’s Martial Arts of Katy organized a group of students, parents and Instructors to volunteer on the day before Memorial Day for the organization Flags for Fallen Vets. Meng's has several students and Instructors that have served the military and was close to their hearts to give back. "This was a good teachable moment [...]

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April 2018

Successful Martial Arts Competition


Successful Martial Arts Competition - Meng’s Martial Arts of Katy has big success at World Star Chinese Martial Arts Competition… The youngest competitors dominated their age bracket On April 7th, 2018 the stage was set at the Westchase Marriott Hotel in Houston, Texas where martial arts competitors from dozens of schools came [...]

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February 2018

Wing Chun VTAA 50th Anniversary


Kung Fu Magazine - 50th VTAA Anniversary Another Press Release for Meng's Martial Arts / World Shaolin Wing Chun Martial Arts Federation. Grandmaster Benny Meng and Master Brad Ryan as well as other Instructors from the organization went to Hong Kong to celebrate the Ving Tsun Athletic Association 50th Anniversary. Master Brad [...]

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Teen Finds Focus in Martial Arts Katy, TX


     Teen Finds Focus in Martial Arts  Katy, TX CJ's Dad, CJ and Master Brad Ryan.  School can be a challenging environment for some students. A local Katy teen finds focus in martial arts. Kids have to succeed academically, while learning plenty of life lessons, juggling extracurricular [...]

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