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Our Kung Fu program is at the cutting edge of martial arts research as well as technical knowledge. We are directly associated and certified by the only martial arts museum and research institute in the United States. Our curriculum is based on over 30 years of worldwide research. Our Kung Fu is based on a tradition that dates back with over 1,500 years of knowledge and high level wisdoms and awareness’s. At the same time we believe in learning and applying modern day methods of training as well. The balance is to not ignore what are ancestors spent 15 centuries improving upon, but not getting stuck with only “Traditional Ways”.

Our program will not only give you great workouts with proven real self defense skill but will give you knowledge not normally taught at most martial arts schools. This is not your “Forms Only” Kung Fu school. Our Kung Fu students have real self defense and fighting skill. We will give our adults an adult education. This includes moving beyond just technique level of thought. This goes into understanding martial art concepts, history, culture, reason and logic, as well as going martial science and teaching methods. If you’re truly looking for the best martial arts education in Katy and West Houston Meng’s is the place for you.

Our Kung fu programs consist of;

Shaolin Kung Fu / Martial Arts Fundamentals. This includes the 4 martial arts skill sets and the 4 ranges of self defense/combat.

  • Ti – Kicking
  • Da – Striking
  • Shaui – Takedowns
  • Na – Control / Joint locks

Shaolin Hek Ki Boen / Black Flack Wing Chun Kung Fu: The Science of Efficiency, deeper understanding of energy and philosophy.

The focus of this higher-level training was to move beyond technique and surface level of understanding. No more practicing styles. Here, it was all about the physics and science of efficiency, deeper understanding of energy and philosophy. This study of theory, concepts and principles which, when applied, leads to efficiency in fighting. Ultimately, efficiency is no a style, not uniforms you put on or take off - efficiency is a state of being; it's who you are as a human being and touches every facet of your life. These same concepts and principles could also be applied towards living a more efficient life; this was one of the key reasons the monks studied fighting in the first place - to live a better life, an enlightened life.

Economy of motion is “using the least amount of movement, in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of energy to accomplish a task.”

Our goal is to develop..

Black Belts and Black Belt Excellence inside and outside the classroom. In our Kung Fu classes you will be guaranteed to learn:

The 4 Martial Art Skill Sets - The 4 Ranges of Combat
Full Body Workouts - Weight Loss – Confidence - Fun
Martial Science – Martial Art – Efficiency - Tradition Increased Flexibility - More Endurance and Energy
Six Wisdoms - Six Mental Skills - Higher Awareness
Understanding How Martial Arts Can Teach You About Life Lessons




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